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Why Buy Rare Football Memorabilia from The Football Autograph

Buying signed sports and football memorabilia online is challenging and complex. As the market is flooded with fakes and knock-offs, it is very hard to distinguish between genuine and rare items with the potential to increase in market value and worthless counterfeits. The Football Autograph is not just another website pretending to know about football memorabilia. We know what we are doing.

We put our name on every item and product because all our signed items, such as shirts, jerseys, and gloves, are 100% hand-signed. The Football Autograph and its sources conducts private signing sessions.

Below are some great reasons why you should purchase football memorabilia from The Football Autograph:

Certificate of Authenticity 

Each exclusive product comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by The Football Autograph. The certificate of authenticity is signed by our CEO. Each certificate has a unique serial number that can be traced.


We are not like some other retailers on the market, and all our items and merchandise are one-offs, unique and exclusive! In these times, we can’t emphasize enough the rarity and value of the products we sell.

Free worldwide delivery

We deliver our rare and valuable goods worldwide for free. Regardless of where you live, rest assured that your football merchandise order will be shipped in time and delivered to your home or any other location that you’ve stated.

Our aspiration is to become the largest and most trustworthy football memorabilia retailer in the world! Our youthful enthusiasm and passion are infused in everything we do. All packages are handled with the utmost care, ensuring the ordered items will be handed to you safe and sound.

Product Knowledge 

The product knowledge of our team is extensive, and we are happy and willing to answer any questions that you may have about purchasing authentic signed football memorabilia.

Top-notch Customer Service

The Football Autograph does not just sell you a rare item! Our top-class customer service is just as responsive and exclusive. Contact us through WhatsApp, or get in touch with us by email or the Contact us page and see for yourself!