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When it comes to football and sports collectibles and rare items, such as shirts, the authenticity of the signature is everything. You have to be able to rely on the authenticity and uniqueness of your autographed football memorabilia and merchandise. We ensure that you can.

Certificate of Authenticity 

At The Football Autograph, we take extreme care in ensuring that all our autographed football collectibles and unique merchandise are genuine. Each of our football memorabilia and unique collectibles items is individually hand-signed by your favorite players and heroes and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Each exclusive product comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by The Football Autograph. The certificate of authenticity is signed by our CEO. Each certificate has a unique serial number. You can enter this serial number to check if the item you own is authentic and is authentic and purchased from The Football Autograph. This gives you assurance, especially when you are reselling a rare item to someone else.

It makes reselling collectibles and rare items a breeze. You can enter the serial number in the below field to check its authenticity.

Authenticity Guarantee

We are committed to providing collectors and fans with 100% authentic football memorabilia and collectibles, such as boots and jerseys. When you see the unique serial number on a football collectible or item, you can rest assured that it is genuine and Guaranteed for Life.

This is the Football Autograph guarantee and your assurance that what you’re buying from our store is a genuine article and not a knock-off or cheap imitation.


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