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They have changed the face of football, and they are an important part of history. And more importantly, they are a crucial part of your history. Football memorabilia and merchandise, such as signed football shirts, bring you closer to your real heroes. A signed and rare shirt captures the moment that you saw your favorite star play.

An autographed shirt also brings back the power and enthusiasm of the day you saw your favorite footballer score the goal that led to victory. At The Football Autograph, we understand this.

Our Story

The Football Autograph was born out of dedication and passion for everything football. Actually, our childhoods were defined by it. As children, The Football Autograph CEO, Faisal Abdulla, and founder Tariq Abdulaziz became obsessed with collecting football autographs. After completing their university education, the founders set their sights on traveling the world and visiting some of the world’s biggest football matches and events.

Fans of football, the founders set about establishing a home of rare and exclusive football collectibles and memorabilia that fans could rely on. They also wanted to establish a unique and prestigious store where each item of football memorabilia, such as shirts and jerseys, was displayed with great attention to detail.

At first, to turn this hobby into a business, they started selling signed football shirts and other merchandise to friends and family, which was successful.

Owing to this success, they set up The Football Autograph to follow their passion and dedication for collecting rare football memorabilia and merchandise. Pursuing this passion, they created a store specializing in delivering exclusive, high-quality, and authentic products, such as boots and shirts, which provide an enduring and emotional connection with your heroes and valuable moments of triumph that shape you.

According to our founders, sports memorabilia and merchandise show how much we love and respect our sports heroes and stars.

The Football Autograph set out with one objective in mind, and this was to bring football icons and stars, like Messi and Pele, closer to their avid fans. And there is no better way to do this than to have products, such as exclusive shirts and boots, hand signed by your heroes themselves. We provide our valued customers the opportunity to purchase football memorabilia online or through WhatsApp by sending us a message on [+974-330255677].

We have immense pride and satisfaction in what we do, and it really shows. Securing a product with which you or your loved ones may enjoy such a profound emotional and personal connection requires integrity and trust. Every time a long-time collector or a first-time client shows this by entrusting us with that valuable connection, it is vital to us that you do it with assurance and confidence.

It is this unique mix of authenticity, care, attention to detail, and personal connection to football memorabilia that makes The Football Autograph different from other businesses selling similar items.

Whether you are looking for a personally signed shirt from an English legend or football team such as Manchester United or Real Madrid, or perhaps an international football icon like Leonel Messi, The Football Autograph is the destination.



Our vision is simple and clear, to offer football fans hand-signed products, such as jerseys, from legends and deliver a top-quality service while doing so.


Our mission is not just to sell football memorabilia and rare items but also to have our community feel personally connected to each item that they buy from The Football Autograph.